Though the protestors’ signs were more thought out than the ones that appear here. This was yesterday at the Best Buy on Houston and Broadway. There was a group of no more than say twenty people protesting Grand Theft Auto at the Best Buy. I guess they wanted them to not sell it or something. I didn’t actually talk to any of them, but they had signs about violence and the police killing in Alabama where the shooter claims in their lawsuit that the killing was inspired by playing GTA. It seemed kind of odd because literally the office for Rockstar New York is about a block away from the Best Buy they were protesting at.

I kind of wonder why they protested at Best Buy, but it makes sense because Best Buy sells more than video games so there’s bound to be more foot traffic there than at the Electronics Boutique up the block. Still though, when you consider the multitudes of stores big and small that sell Grand Theft Auto this feels a lot like wasted effort. Though the heart of their argument just makes me think that the entire thing is wasted effort anyway.

I think I’m in the majority when I say that I belong to the camp of people who think that irresponsible or neglective parenting could be a larger contributing factor than playing GTA. But like many things like this, there are bound to be a number of things that led to the crime, neither more culpable than the other. Violent video games are just an easier target, plus they have lots of money.

I admit that after playing hours of GTA makes me start looking at cars on the street in terms of which one would be faster or have better cornering, but for a number of reasons I’m not about to go and steal one. I’m also not going to go up to a random pedestrian and punch them over the head after playing hours of GTA. I get closer to that temptation just from being behind someone who walks really slowly. It takes one kind of person to think of doing these terrible things, and it takes another to act upon it.