This is by no means meant to knock the people who comment on my comic on a fairly regular basis. Nor is it a cry for attention from those who don’t. My Yahoo email has been around long enough that I don’t deem it necessary to convert to a Gmail account despite the whole 2 GB and daily increasing storage. That is, I mean for my personal email, because you were probably about to point out that the email for my website is a gmail account.

The whole storage thing is funny, because it would’ve taken me forever to fill up the 250MB quota that Yahoo had, yet whenever I saw the percentage I had taken up go up even the slightest I would go through sent email and delete attachments I had that were taking up space. It just made me feel better, like not getting a cluttered desktop on my computer. Even before Yahoo upgraded their free accounts I probably had at most 3% of my storage taken up, and that’s over the course of probably two years, so there’s really nothing to be worried about. By the same token, I take it upon myself to empty out the spam box in my gmail account despite the fact that I probably use it on a monthly basis.