I actually haven’t sunken to spending late nights at work just to use the faster computers. If that ever happens then I think I’ll need to serious re-evaluate the priorities in my life. Though I did use the computer at work to download one thing from Bit Torrent, but that’s it. Problem with my G3 is that during my freshman year of college I got an internal CD burner that it turned out wasn’t bootable, so I can’t install OS X on it. Other problem being that I only have 320MB of RAM and OS X would suck on this computer. Though that means I can’t use VLC to watch anime. Not that I could even load the anime I have burned to DVD on the computer since it’s just a CD-RW drive, and a slow one at that. Such is life.

I got my first piece of fanart this week! From this guy who draws roughly the same way I do and posts his comic on his blog. I often wonder what kind of ways my character would be drawn by people who can draw better than I can.