This is only partially true. Yes, I do like the night time because there’s no glare on my TV when I play video games (I need bigger curtains), but that’s certainly not the first reason. Last night was a positively gorgeous night, and the night before wasn’t too shabby either. It’s a great feeling just to be able to go outside without a jacket on. Yesterday was actually the first day this season that I had left for work with only a T-shirt and it was great. Though I do like having the extra pockets of a jacket. Eating outdoors on a beautiful night is a truly wonderful thing, and I look forward to several months of those opportunities.

I’m usually pretty down on Spring because all I usually remember are the cold and rainy days, but I realize that when I’m thinking of the rain I’m forgetting about the flowers and leaves growing back which does wonders for the mood. I think I still stand by Fall as my favorite of the mild seasons, but I’m willing to give Spring a second chance.