Stretch these six panels to about half an hour and then you have what happened to me last Sunday right before the dinner that was the inspiration for yesterday’s comic. I was supposed to meet them at 6:30 so I left at around 5:45 which should’ve got me there on time give or take five minutes. The train stops and they apologize for the delay, yada yada yada. I didn’t think about it too much because I had my book and I’m used to delays on weekends. Then they repeat themselves. Then ten minutes pass. Then ten more minutes pass.

Finally they tell us that we’re backtracking to the previous station which sucks because aside from the whole backtracking thing, the subway trains take forever to switch directions. So we get moving kind of slowly and then we stop again so that the guy can tell us to get off our butts and head to the back of the train to exit onto the platform. Of course, this is one of the few times I happen to be in the front section of the train. Add in a couple slow walking people with carts, one bad smelling homeless person and then I finally get to the platform. At that time it was around 6:40.

So then I went to the street so I could call to say I was going to be late, then I headed back down and got there about half an hour later.

Apparently the subway was being a bastard on Saturday too? I heard that the A and the C weren’t running in some places, plus the F was running funny and the D was on separate lines or some madness.