I know some people fortunate enough to be able to tune out most outside disruptions while watching a movie, but I’m unfortunately not one of those people. Sometimes after a film I’ll ask a friend or family member if they noticed a person talking or something else that happened in the audience but it’ll come as news to them. I think lately I’ve noticed fewer cell phones ringing during movies the past few times that I’ve gone, but people still keep them on and check them during the film.

Some cell phones have a low level glow when they’re on (mine is one of them) and others look like they have halogen lights in them. I’m not even talking about the ones that are like a phone version of Las Vegas which you often see Asian teenage girls with. Just the regular camera phones that you buy now have really bright lights and I hate it when a person next to me checks it during the movie. Are they text messaging? Or are they seeing who called them during the movie? I obviously really love going to movies and now more than ever it’s a special time since I don’t get to do it often. I just don’t understand people going to a movie and checking their phone messages during it, why the hell did they go if they were so disinterested?

I remember a while ago an article where stupid movie executives were blaming text messaging for declines in movie ticket sales. The reason they said was that people were finding out sooner that movies sucked because people were texting their friends during movies instead of telling them afterwards. Basically they were searching for any reason other than the fact that they’re producing crappy movies. Dumb.