I have absolutely no idea where this comic came from. I was on the subway last morning going to work when I was feeling that a lot of my comics lately haven’t felt much like comics to me. My comic does really boil down to me complaining about things, but sometimes I feel it’s more me complaining and less me taking the irritating and translating it into a funny little story. I have a friend who refers to my comic as my “Daily Complaint” (you can check out his new webcomic here) which I really can’t argue with. I remember a time he was taking a class in college for humor writing and one assignment was to write a list of things that irritate him. Somehow he couldn’t come up with a list. So I tried to demonstrate by writing a list of things that annoy me, and ended up with a page and a half within the space of a few minutes.

Anyway, back to this comic. I was just trying to think of something totally off the wall so I just thought of what he would do if he were to meet someone who looks like him, and maybe I went a little overboard. I’m not sure how people will react to this one. Plus when I actually drew this at about 11:00 pm last night I realized that today was April Fool’s Day, and that I should’ve done something appropriate. But I think this is silly and absurd enough that it fits the bill. A while ago when I was switching the generic smily guy to having the overbite I experimented with changing the main character to be the same, but as you can see it doesn’t really work as well as without. Plus I like how exaggerated the smile looks with the overbite.