I hate these stupid ads on multiple levels. There used to be some banners out there where you could play the little games but not actually click on the ad, I wish they were all like that. I hate them because I’m always tempted to shoot the iPods or shoot the PSPs and maybe get some kind of satisfaction. But I know that if I do I probably won’t see the little iPod blow up and instead another browser window is going to open up and someone out there is going to get a few cents because I couldn’t contain my impulse.

At least they don’t have sound because the only thing I hate more are flash banners with sound that is either on by default or can’t be turned off. The worst was one that used to be on Ain’t it Cool News where there was some graphic that would slam onto the bottom of the banner with an accompanying slamming sound every time it did it.

Other thing that irritates me is that there are thousands of people out there who get tricked into clicking on these stupid banners thinking they’ll actually get a free iPod or PSP, but instead end up getting so much spam in their inbox that they have to set up a new email address.