I normally like watching 60 Minutes whenever I get the chance to, but this was by far the most unpleasant experience I ever had watching one of their segments. Normally I like their stories because they direct all the tough questions to the people that you want to see put on the spotlight, but this story was so insultingly lame I wanted to puke. Basically all the information Leslie Stahl got from George Lucas on this was stuff that was very easily accessible either through Google or by sticking your head out the window every now and then.

First segment they show is them at one of their Avids and she asks “Is this the movie?” It wouldn’t have happened in a million years but I wanted him to say “No, I decided to bring you in here and start showing you footage from a completely different movie. OF COURSE IT’S THE MOVIE!!” Geez. Plus how on earth is it news at all that there are digital characters? Stupid Jar-Jar was a digital character and that was six years ago, why are we still talking about this?

Then you have the obligatory gasps of finding out that a few seconds of footage took weeks to make. Then the animator was clearly talking down to her because she was so amazed that Yoda’s mouth actually moved like a real mouth, plus she couldn’t believe that animators use themselves as reference while animating all the time.

And why do we care that George Lucas is still a single parent with no love life to speak of? That might’ve been okay as a throwaway comment, but then they went so far as interview Francis Ford Coppola just to get him to say that George Lucas’ has extraordinarily high standards in women. Gag.

Why does it hurt so???