I had forgotten I had this comic ready to go, it’s like a get out of jail free card. Not that I consider doing my comic akin to being in jail, or even Monopoly jail. At that point I would really need to rethink why I do it. I wrote this comic on St. Patrick’s Day when I was at a friend’s place, but then I realized on the way home that it was St. Patrick’s Day and I should do something appropriate for it. Holidays are almost like get out of jail free cards too because they only come once a year so the chances that you’re going to feel like you’re repeating a joke are a lot lower.

This happens sometimes at the Deli I go to in the morning (the guy in the wrong line, not us carrying him outside and beating the stuffing out of him). It just amazes me how people can be so out of it that they don’t notice a line of five or six people waiting to place their order. This guy couldn’t even get his order right. He had a slip of paper and was telling the guy “I’m sorry, it’s not my order” then tried to decipher it. So maybe I’m a little impatient with people sometimes. The thing is that people get into a set routine that after a while is like a well oiled machine. When people disrupt that then that’s when you get impatient. If someone is holding up the line at the deli, if someone walks up stairway steps and stands at the exit, if someone doesn’t know which way to swipe their Metrocard and stuff like that.