This is a slight modification of the sign that I actually based this off of. I have no recollection of any other graphics that were on it, but I’m sure it was a much more interesting sign. What’s different is that the sign said to call 311 to report problems with rats (for non-New Yorkers 311 is basically like calling information for things city related that aren’t emergencies), but that wouldn’t really have worked because how the hell would the phone operators know people were calling about rats?

I’ve never had rat problems in my apartment *knocks on wood* but I have a friend who not only has rats in their building, but on the way up to their apartment there was a rat by a doorway that proceeded to run down the stairs when we approached (hilarity ensued for me). Vermin are definitely a bigger deal than roaches which people should realize is just a product of living here. If I saw a single roach in my apartment I wouldn’t take that as a sign to call an exterminator. But if when I was taking a shower and I looked down and a roach was on my knee, then that would be a good example of when to call.