This is I believe the second Au Bon Pain comic that I’ve done, though it’s certainly possible that it’s the third. The first time was when I was bitching about their whole receipt policy plus the bizarrely uneven totals their food always comes out to. It’s never a five or a zero at the end, it’s always a three or a seven or something.

Special thanks for this comic goes to M. Fox because he’s the one who was telling me the story at work today, and since I updated this comic at around 3:00 am EST it was the best thing I could think of at the time. Essentially he has a personal boycott on Au Bon Pain because of their terrible service and their b.s. sandwich forms which you have to fill out (plus those forms don’t give the option of withholding ingredients, forcing the customer to ad lib something on the sheet). They could really learn a thing or two from the deli guys who can remember five different orders and still recall the orders of frequent customers when they walk in.

So my friend was telling me about how the guy behind the counter was ignoring him until he filled out the form, then tried to make sure that there wasn’t any bacon in the sandwich by writing it in the description. Then he found out they were somehow out of both chicken and turkey. Seriously, that cuts out almost half of what they probably serve.