This is something that actually happened to me. I don’t know how it is that I manage to get behind these people in line all the time but I just do. Or maybe the population density of really annoying supermarket checkout people is really high in my neighborhood. I was in line and the woman wanted the receipt because it has coupons on the back. It sounded like the cashier was bluffing when she said that the woman could take all the coupons if she really wanted, but then she accepted. So I stood there for a few moments as the cashier winded up the receipts which had probably been accumulating all day.

It kind of makes me sick to think that the woman was then going to go home, cut up the coupons and stuff them into a huge bag of some type and then annoy someone else in the future by pulling the bag out looking for the coupons.

I fear that I’m starting to create a formula in this type of strip. I’ll have to mix it up somehow next time I do a fantasy/dream comic, because I hate it when you read a comic enough that you can figure out its rhythms to the point that it ceases to be as funny.