If you read my livejournal you know I was already talking about the dub for Nausicaa, but I wanted to do this comic just to poke fun at the Ghibli DVDs that Disney is releasing with their almost pitiful extra features. Seriously, we don’t need a “Behind the Microphone” special for every single Ghibli DVD so that we can hear the answers each actor has to the exact same questions asked in all the specials. They all explain the ADR process they have, they all explain the difficulty of matching pre-existing material and it’s usually very clear who had actually seen Miyazaki films before they dubbed whichever movie. I suppose there’s the possibility they chose not to include every actor gushing about how they were a Miyazaki fan, but I doubt it.

I liked listening to Mark Hamill the best because he’s a really amazing voice actor. I like the segment in his interview when he demonstrates adding 20 lbs of weight to his voice. I remember when I found out that he did the voice of the Joker for the Batman animated series and it just blew my mind. Though actually, I had seen some of him doing a similar voice in the little known live action movie for “The Flash.” Or actually, it was the sequel where he played “The Trickster” who sounded a lot like the Joker.

I want my Totoro DVD god dammit!