It seems that whenever I come up with an idea to mix the comic up a little bit like the “Convenient Lack of Continuity” I do it once and never do it again. This is a lack of continuity because he doesn’t know anyone that he would be giving a mix CD to, and he looks exactly the same in each decade so don’t bother pointing that out to me.

It seems that modern technology serves to take away a lot of things that could before be considered extremely thoughtful, but have since diminished in strength. The problem is that effort is usually associated with thoughtfulness so if you messed up three blank tapes just to get a perfect mix tape then it seems that much more special. But if you took MP3s and simply them into a new playlist, put them in the right order, and hit “burn” somehow that’s a little less romantic.

Though the counterpoint being that if a person does something that’s more old school, it will seem more thoughtful than ever since modern technology offered an easy way to reach the same means. For example, sending postcards to a significant other while away on another continent would seem like quite a novelty in this day and age. Problem being that we’re so obsessed with instant gratification when it comes to communication that it seems almost stupid to do something like that.

Yup, the days of the mix tape are really dead and gone, so we have to come up with new and creative ways to give music to friends guys or girls we might be interested in. CDs are still a viable option, but when you know the other person always uses an MP3 player it just seems more practical to give a playlist of MP3s. One thing I did once was to give a mix CD with no track names on it so when the person ripped it to their iPod it was just a generic list of track numbers, and then later on once the surprise was over gave them a track list. This is why giving mix CDs to non-anime watching (gasp!) friends is advantageous because the odds they’ve heard any anime music you might give them are pretty much nil.