I wonder if anyone out there is doing research on the long term effects of keeping a cell phone in the same pocket and having it vibrate at random intervals. I know for me that a vibrating cell phone isn’t as discrete as it used to be, especially in movie theaters and such. I went to see “Ong-Bak” in the theater and was distracted by the person next to me who let her cell phone vibrate until the voicemail picked up. Granted, not as obnoxious as a full on nokia theme during the middle of the movie, but distracting nonetheless.

It’s crazy the things that I’ll mistake for my cell phone vibrating. About an hour before I wrote this comic I heard some kind of boat horn outside and was almost convinced it was my cell phone vibrating. Twice. Another one which gave me problems was that when my iPod was in my pocket, my hand rubbing the fabric on the inside of my coat against the iPod almost felt like it was vibrating. I’ve been known at work to bring conversations to an abrupt halt with a sudden interjection as my phone vibrates and I rush to get it out of my pocket, but I’ve since stopped carrying my phone with me at work for various reasons.

I just know that somewhere along the line we’re going to find out that we were destroying our thigh muscles by having vibrating cell phones next to them all the time. That, in addition to all guys being rendered sterile by cell phone radiation through years of use.