I guess Christian Conservative groups don’t coordinate much with their friends overseas. I probably could’ve done this in two strips, but the timing of the news stories worked too perfectly, and I don’t need to waste an extra strip bashing conservative religious groups. It makes me sick to think of how much more money that film is going to make when it gets re-released. Aside from having no religious upbringing whatsoever I didn’t care for “The Passion of the Christ” in any regard.

Clearly it had no spiritual impact on me, and from a film standpoint it doesn’t do much except use excessive amounts of slow motion. The cinematography was pretty good and there are some cool shots, but that’s about it. I’d say the only other thing about the film I took out of it was how amusing it was that it seemed to be setting itself up for a sequel with it’s last shot of Christ resurrected. Just imagine it “THE REVENGE OF THE CHRIST.” I’d certainly go see it if someone paid me to.