I was offered to see the new film by the director of “City of God” (at least that’s what I remember her clipboard saying) when I was waiting for the subway last night. I would’ve said yes had I not already known that I was going to be working overtime at work today. The ironic thing being that the company I work for is in advertising which means that sometimes we get the information that comes from these surveys. That would’ve been a fast way to make her walk in the other direction. I also hear that they don’t like film students to go to these things because they can be real pretentious dicks who aren’t really the key demographic they’re having trouble appealing to.

I’ve been to a bunch of these screenings but only one where they actually surveyed us at the end. That was for Mamoru Oshii’s live action film “Avalon” that Miramax sat on for a while before releasing straight to video, bastards. Though the general consensus they must’ve reached was that the movie wasn’t nearly mainstream enough to be released in theaters. I wouldn’t have been surprised that the woman last night was working for Miramax since I also was offered to see “Infernal Affairs” before it was released. But the weirdest thing about that was they didn’t tell me what film it was, but I figured out that it was “Infernal Affairs.” To which the guy said “Oh, are you Chinese?” I believe the question he was looking for was more along the lines of “Oh, you’ve heard of it?” So that was funny.

I wish I had been on one of the test screenings for the dubbed version of “Shaolin Soccer” so I could’ve said something like “What the hell are you people retarded? Release the god damn movie subtitled and in its original form! Why take an already successful film and then changed it so that it’s not in the original form that made it successful?” The mentality when releasing foreign action movies is just so horribly skewed over at Miramax.