For my Valentine’s Day I pondered a few things all meant to be deliciously contradictory for the holiday. First one (most likely candidate) is to go to work, go to hapkido class and then go straight home, eat leftovers and watch anime. The second was going to see a brainless action film just to observe how empty the theater is. Though the latter has more potential to be depressing so I’m just going to go for the first. It’s my hard earned right as a single person to have absolutely no obligations on this day so I’m taking it dammit!

And for those who are on the fence about “Hitch” I’ll tell you now that it’s actually a good romantic comedy in my humble opinion. I hate most romantic comedies so when one comes along which I can sit through and even take something out of when I leave the theater then I feel obligated to mention it. Kind of like with kid’s movies that don’t suck for adults.