Special thanks to my friend Mark who got up to Central Park this morning before I even had a chance to wake up. I haven’t actually had a chance to go up to see this yet, but I saw the gates without the curtain things when I went to see a movie on Wednesday night at the Walter Reade Theatre. I was going to take a photo that night, but this one turned out better than that one would have.

Usually I have absolutely no interest in installation art such as this which uses scale as part of its draw, but the fact that it’s in Central Park kind of makes it different. Previous things similar I’ve seen were “The Golden Kilometer” which is this huge room with one thousand gold colored bars which are each a meter long. They’re arranged on the floor of this room, and I remember something about the distance between each row of bars to be one millimeter further apart than the previous set. There was this other one called “The Earth Room” which is a large room full of dirt…but it’s nicely moistened dirt. It’d be more fun if they let you jump in and stomp all over it. The dirt there is nearly two feet deep.

This art installation is aesthetically pleasing and I don’t have to go to a snooty gallery monitored all day by some poor hapless sap who gets to explain the art to when a visitor comes every two hours or so.