Lately the MPAA has been cracking down on the major websites which allowed people to download illegal movies. I know their meaning isn’t my literal interpretation, but it’s still ludicrous to some respect. I was about to write a sentence about how I understand what their angle about stifling creativity means, but I just realized that I don’t understand it. Good movies and crappy movies are still going to make money with or without illegal downloads.

It’s hard to feel too sympathetic to people who feel like their livelihood is going to be affected if they make $39 million when they could’ve made $40 million. Though I still think one of the dumbest part of this anti-piracy campaign is the one where they have stuntmen and people from a film crew saying that they’re getting money taken from them by piracy. When clearly these people have already been paid once the movie was made and don’t make a percentage once it’s in theaters.