I’d be surprised if there was an MTA conductor out there who hasn’t has this fantasy. I hate these people with a fiery passion. Either they get an arm in the door and just stand there, or they get half of their body in and just hold it open because they know the train can’t leave with them wedged in the door. The worst are the people who are more out than in but still try to get in more when the doors open slightly. I’m sure everyone in the car either wants the train to take off or be the one to shove them out the door but I’ve never seen anyone do that yet.

I have a friend who said that they saw a person holding the door open for some friends. This in itself isn’t terribly unusual if they’re right behind. The difference was that this friend wasn’t even down the stairs into the station yet. They got down to the station and THEN they had to BUY a stupid Metrocard! Somehow they managed this without all the available MTA workers and New Yorkers beating the stuffing out of them. The nerve of some people is just incredible sometimes.