The post office is interesting in that it manages to cram all the annoying sitcom characters you could ever hope to find in one convenient area. I went with a friend from work to the post office today during our lunch break, and soon after we arrived I realized that I don’t go to the post office anymore because I found a small store nearby that has all the same functions without the line. But we were already there so we thought we’d tough it out since the line seemed to be moving. About half an hour later we emerged from the bowels of the United States Postal Service.

How is it that so many people can have so many problems when I can be in and out of the counter in about a minute? One guy had a huge carriage of packages. One woman was apparently discovering that perfume can’t be sent in the mail and had to retape her package up because for some reason she had to open it. I watched disbelieving as this woman proceeded to use half the roll of tape by first using one piece all the way around the length, then two or three around the width, and then the same for the piece of paper that had to be taped to the package too.

Then there was crazy bitch woman from hell complaining that they were always on lunch break when she comes, and that the previous person who waited on her was laughing at her. They asked her to wait in line, so she stayed at the front of the line saying to the people there “you don’t mind right?” As if they were about to argue with this woman. Yup, never going back. That or learning to use the automated machine thing.