I feel like this will need to be said at some point in my life. I think it would be most gratifying to say to one of those super exuberant people you shared a class with in high school. The ones who try to be everyone’s friend who knew your name, but you never talked to nor expressed interest in talking to. That person seems like the type who would try to strike up a conversation with a person they recognized, but were barely acquaintances with.

I almost had to deal with a situation like this when I was taking the subway home today. There’s this girl who I had seen on the subway a number of times, and one day bumped into her with her boyfriend who I’m kind of acquaintances with. So today she was on the same subway car as me, and I sat down roughly the same number of seats away from her as in the strip. We saw each other, she smiled, and I smiled. That was it. It was beautiful. She was preoccupied with some papers and I was listening to music. No attempt at conversation was made at all. Seeing as even her boyfriend is only an acquaintance it would’ve been that much more awkward to talk. Thankfully we both understood there was no point in trying to talk. Then when it came to our stop we both got off (staggered) and not a single word was exchanged. They way it really should be in that type of potentially awkward situation.