I know that I’m not the only one out there who had absolutely no clue that the State of the Union was tonight, because some people at work who are far more politically aware than I am made no mention of it. I’m still waiting to watch the Daily Show summation of it since I have no interest in finding a video of it so that I could watch the entire 53 minute speech. Though with the applause it’s probably more like two hours. Interesting how they acknowledge the death of U.S. soldiers when it becomes theatrically convenient to their cause, but they don’t allow the footage of the coffins returning to the United States.

It’s weird the whole Bush second term thing, because I’m just not paying attention to it at all. I barely know what he’s up to save for what I see on The Daily Show, and it’s just never on my mind. It was like, he won then we all groaned writhed and harrassed the Canadian, New Zealand and Australian Immigration Bureaus, and then we went on with our lives. I didn’t even hear anything about major protests at his inauguration like there were for the first, nor did I make the effort to find any such articles. I guess this is the power of denial.