This happens to me a lot. I’ll brush my teeth and then I’ll get hungry for something, because usually I don’t go straight to bed after I brush my teeth. So then maybe I’ll want some crackers or ice cream. Usually ice cream, and especially if I had a long day. Right now people are silently cursing my name because I can eat ice cream right before I go to bed and not gain any weight. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll catch up to me someday. Someday.

Ice cream’s one of those things that’s so tremendously fattening, but I grew up eating ice cream at night all the time never gave it a second thought. I remember the first time I looked at the nutrition facts for ice cream. Basically I was briefly horrified and then probably finished half a pint. Sometimes I can’t have ice cream at home because my freezer gets too frozen over and I’ll have to wait until it’s empty so that I can defrost it and then fit ice cream pints inside of it. Even then I can only fit them in sideways ’cause I have a tiny fridge.