I’ve started going to this Chinese takeout place nearby my subway stop when I’m feeling massively lazy and don’t want to cook. I don’t get to eat in Chinatown as much as I would like because usually I don’t have the occasion to go, and I don’t live in the neighborhood anymore. Since the takeout place is outside of Brooklyn I don’t order anything fancy. My mainstay is usually chicken lo mein which is one of my gauges for how good a restaurant is because I know how I like that dish.

There’s another Chinese takeout place which has the exact same setup as this one, and it seems to me they’re actually like a chain even though they all have different names. I think they all have the same kitchen setup, but different names on the menus which I think are identical. Someday I should get one of each and compare the two.

I grew up basically eating Chinese food all my life, and I never heard of “General Tso’s Chicken” until I got to college. Once I got to college I had three roommates who would order it all the time. Why is it that people gravitate towards this dish when they have no idea what they want. How did this become the default Chinese food order? I imagine these places must have this big vat dedicated just to General Tso’s Chicken and they keep it heated so they can just plop it in the styrofoam or paper carton. I still have never had it before and don’t know if I ever will.