I don’t understand why weather.com had to change the layout of their front page. The first annoyance was when I got to the front page and suddenly all the temperatures were in Celsius! I couldn’t find how to change it to Fahrenheit, and after a while it finally changed back. Though now they don’t have the five day forecast on the front page. Now they have the current weather, tonight’s weather and the weather for tomorrow, what gives? I liked it before so that I could tell if it was going to be a nice or crappy week in terms of the weather. This freak snowstorm certainly wouldn’t have caught me by surprise like it did.

I woke up last morning and the weather was normal, later on it started snowing a bit. All I thought was “Oh it’s snowing, I didn’t realize it was going to snow today.” Later on in the day I realized it had reached full on blizzard mode and had stayed there for a very long time. By the time I got out of the movie I saw there must’ve been five or so inches on the ground. The snow also very efficiently ruined my evening plans which had already been pushed back a week and will not be pushed onto next weekend, grrrr.