I was talking to a friend from the Boston area and we were talking about the cold weather. Though it’s been closer to the single digits up there whereas I don’t think it’s ever been anything worse than the mid teens here. I deal pretty well with the cold in general. I don’t get really bothered by it until it reaches the 20 degree level and below. 20-30 degrees maybe I’ll have to scrunch up more and use my neck muffler. 30-40 degrees I’ll still wear the muffler but I don’t feel the need to walk briskly. 40 degrees and above is a cinch.

If only there were a more comfortable way to cover your mouth area. I don’t like scarves because when you breathe all the moisture collects in front of your mouth and it gets kind of unpleasant. A healthy dose of outdoor film shoots in the freezing cold have given me perspective on what cold truly can be, so I don’t complain as much as I used to.

If I were actually to call my mom and ask how the weather was where she is it wouldn’t help me much since where she is it’s probably more like 40 or 50 degrees (that being the coldest it’s ever likely to get).