This is just a strip for me and my college friends because this is the god forsaken dorm we got stuck with our Sophomore year. There are several hijinks that are associated with this dorm including accidentally driving over the brooklyn bridge on our way to registration and making a crazy U-Turn of doom. Really nice rooms, but no ceiling lights of any kind. Lots of space, but nothing is open in the financial district past 7:00pm which really sucks.

That is, except for the Chinese food restaurant on the corner of the building we referred to as C.L.A.E. (Crazy Lucky Asian Eatery). Though it turns out one of my high school friends who I had no idea was at NYU at the time had a room in the building that could see straight into the kitchen, I don’t think I wanted to see that place. The kitchen was connected to the front by a dumbwaiter, I always imagined that the chef lived on the floor of that restaurant.