I get a toasted raisin bagel with cream cheese almost every morning at the deli nearby where I work. It’s gotten to the point where not just the bagel guy knows what I get, but all of his buddies including the guy on the other end working the bacon and eggs. There’s a deli near where I live where I usually get roasted turkey or roast beef cold cuts, and these guys kind of nudge elbows at each other when I come in. The cold cut guys I don’t like as much because I picture them laughing at me in Spanish. I know some Spanish but apparently not enough. But the breakfast deli guys I like better because they smile when they wait on me, even if they might be making fun of me in secret.

I’ve been mixing it up a bit by getting a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll since I gave into curiosity and finally ordered one. So many people get bacon, egg and cheese on a roll I had no idea what it would be like, but I finally did it and it’s really good, but my arteries probably cry out whenever I eat it.