Over a year ago I went to a deli to get some cereal, and as soon as I walked in I should’ve walked out. This was a small deli, and I couldn’t see that many people shopping in it. First of all it smelled like urine, the floor was wet and the person behind the counter looked like they should’ve had hair curlers on, a baby in her arms, cigarette in her mouth and another kid pulling at her skirt on the rundown porch of a house. I think they actually had expired cereal.

Cereal and orange juice are two things you know that when you reach that date it’s really really time to throw it out. I don’t even pay attention to those dates because I know that they’re so far away there’s next to no chance a crumb or drop of it will still be around by the time that date comes by. For a store to have expired versions of either is simply hideous.