I don’t like to make stereotypes anymore than anyone else, but smelly guys on the subway usually look roughly the same. That’s why when I was on the subway this morning I was perplexed that the person to the left of me didn’t look anything at all like the typical smelly subway person. The smell was definitely unpleasant to the point of me breathing through my mouth. The worst is when despite breathing through your mouth there’s an unmistakable sting in your nose almost as if the stench is melting the mucous. Then the guy to my left got up and it still smelled bad! Turns out the guy to HIS left was the source of it all and he looked the part a bit more.

When I say they look the same I’m not even talking about homeless people. Typically they tend to have greasy looking hair and a big bushy beard. The rest of them could look for all intents and purposes entirely clean. Funny the things some of us do to be courteous to complete strangers, I think I need to work past that in some cases such as this. Holding doors open and stuff are fine, but sometimes personal comfort needs to come first. Besides, they probably won’t take it as personally as we think if at all. In all likelihood I’ll never see these people ever again too! There, it’s been decided, end of story.