If anyone on the subway this morning noticed a person reading the manual to “Metal Gear Solid 3” that was me. I feel bad for people who want to play more video games, but haven’t picked up a controller since the NES with only two buttons. Now not only are there at least ten buttons plus a directional pad and thumbsticks, but they’re also pressure sensitive. Those people who’ve played the games in the series know that Metal Gear Solid has very sensitive controls and the wrong move could mess up an hour of sneaking around. The instruction manual actually isn’t that bad if you’ve played the game before, but lots of diagrams and tiny text can be very intimidating.

Pretty ridiculous how much higher the learning curve is for games now than before. Plus I find it scary that the generation of people growing up on these games will probably have some sort of higher brain capacity which allows them to absorb more outside stimuli. Sometimes playing video games makes me feel old, especially when I’m trying to convince new gamers that some of the old SNES games are a lot better than some of the crappy 3D ones now. Scary when you can easily see yourself saying things to younger people that you remember being said to you when you were that age. Darn, and all of us said that we wouldn’t be like that when we got older.