If I may be permitted an ironic statement, I think those cans at movie theaters for donations to fight children’s cancer are evil. Obviously it’s a good idea from their standpoint, because a lot of people would rather put in a few cents rather than be forced to admit they don’t want to pitch in to fight children’s cancer. I usually don’t because of how blatantly manipulative it is, plus if I were giving at that moment it wouldn’t be for the right reasons.

Though you gotta think they really have to be making a lot of money off of guys trying to make a good impression when they’re on a date with girl they really like. I was talking about this to a friend when we were at the movies, and I had a corollary to that situation. I said that if I chose not to donate and the girl didn’t disapprove for the reasons I just discussed, that would be a very good sign that it could be a person I’d be interested in. Will the irony never end?