You pretty much have to take a picture of something like this when you see it. Usually I have a very short debate period of whether or not to do it, but I always end up doing it because of the opportunity factor. As long as I’m not wearing a sports bag, a Statue of Liberty crown and in a big group of people then it doesn’t look silly for me to be taking pictures.

I went to see “Million Dollar Baby” today which was an excellent film. I admit seeing the trailer and hearing what it was about I had absolutely no interest. I was thinking all right, Clint Eastwood is gruff again, Hilary Swank is another girl from the south who’s butch in some way, but it really surprised me. It’s never cheesy, there’s a lot of humor and it’s just a very good story. Definite Oscar contender this year, and it also has Morgan Freeman in another great role which he hasn’t had in a very long time.