January 1, 2005

Whoo! Kick in the Head 2.0 is officially online! I’ve been slaving over this website for ages now coding night and day. Okay, that’s a lie. I redesigned the site months ago and have been sitting on it lazily while occasionally searching the web for php scripts that people with webcomics will share so that I don’t have to do that hard work by myself. Fortunately I found the Walrus PHP code and a calendar script shared by David Buist so that I don’t have to bother a programmer friend or spend weeks learning php. The last things holding me back were just general laziness because I had written up the FAQ and About pages, but didn’t get around to making the pages until before Christmas. Hopefully it looks good on your computer, I don’t have a PC for testing.

Now it’s much easier for me to update and most importantly I have this handy dandy little news box, yay! Which means I can share stories about the strips since there are things I want to say sometimes that I just can’t do in the comic. I’m slowly going to work on writing little rants for every comic in the archive so check back periodically. I’ve also ditched “Comic Sans” because there’s a huge movement of people who positively loathe that font and I totally understand.

I hope you enjoy the new website, I think it’ll be more friendly to those of you who run your computer at lower resolution. Check out the “About” and “FAQ” pages and you might learn something you were curious about. I also put a link to my Livejournal in the “Contact” section if that’s your thing. I don’t have links to any webcomics because the ones I read regularly get thousands of hits a day I’m guessing. So instead I have links to friends’ websites and other amusing pages. Before I go I have to give a special thanks to my friend Mark who made it possible for my website to use both jpgs and gifs (Walrus PHP is built to only allow one filetype). Also thanks to David who added in some extra code so I could change the formatting of the calendar archive.

Please write in with your comments and feedback on the new site!

Happy New Year!