Why am I only learning about this now? I got off work ridiculously early today so a friend and myself decided to go to see “The Incredibles” which she hadn’t seen yet and I was seeing for the second time. We went to the Loews on 34th street whose general admission is $8.99??? I say again, why am I only learning about this now? I remember Loews being the bastard theater that was raising its prices to $10.50 oh so many years ago. How is this one theater operating in this strange blackhole? Is that portion of the block legally another state or something?

Well, in our craziness after we got out of “The Incredibles” we decided to go see “Ocean’s 12” right afterwards. It was good and fun, but I definitely like the first one better. The first one had its share of twists and turns but I think the editing and structure of this one made it less exciting in a number of ways. There were some very choice moments that were really funny. It would’ve been perfect if not for the two old ladies behind us HAVING A CONVERSATION DURING THE MOVIE!! What the hell?? I hate it when old people comment on the movie as it’s happening. Brad Pitt shows up on screen one says “Is that Brad Pitt?” Geez. Why go to a movie to talk to a friend of yours? People really suck sometimes.