I received another Christmas card for the previous tenant of my apartment today which makes two at this point. It’s very amusing to me the idea that a person would send a card as a means of staying in some semblance of touch but at the same time be totally out of touch. Especially in light of the fact that I’ve almost lived in this apartment for two years. Now that I think about it, how come they didn’t send cards last year? I don’t remember getting cards during the holidays addressed to the previous tenant.

I haven’t reached the point of sending Christmas cards to people and don’t know if I ever will. Most of my friends are in New York and those who don’t wouldn’t care if I didn’t send them a Christmas card. I don’t really have many people I’m only kinda sorta friends with who seem like the people most likely to receive Christmas card. I think it’s really true that sometimes you really just lose touch for a reason which isn’t a bad thing necessarily for either party.