I’m bad at procrastinating when it comes to buying my bus tickets. Well, actually I’m good at procrastinating, if I was bad then I would be getting them way in advance like I should. This comic was drawn because this was the first year I didn’t spend Christmas with anyone in my family, which meant I had no reminder to draw a family related comic strip. What I ended up doing was hanging around Chinatown with one of my Jewish friends which was fun in its own right. That was the first time I had been to Chinatown on Christmas and I hadn’t realized the implications.

Basically every single knock off merchandise vendor was out on the sidewalk because there were no cops to speak of to shut them down. When I say all of them were there I mean ALL OF THEM were there. The normally packed sidewalks were bursting at the seams with bootleg merchandise and stupid tourists with nothing else to do because all the other stores are closed.

Ah Chinatown, giving people stuff to eat when there’s nowhere else to go.