I had done just about anything and everything I could’ve done to my computer to try to fix it. I ran Hardware Test. I ran Hardware Test on loop, because apparently it doesn’t always work (go Apple!). I ran Norton despite the fact Norton is now the black sheep of fixy stuff. I ran Disk Warrior. I connected the G5 to my G3 in disk mode. I swapped the hard drive into the other bay. At the end of all of this the computer was turning on with fans running but no light. That’s really the worst I had ever seen a computer that wasn’t completely nuked.

I was going to take it into the Apple store on this weekend after putting it off for a few weeks. A friend of mine was over and were hanging out when he asked me how badly messed up my computer was. In order to demonstrate I thought I turned it on, then lo and behold it booted. Afterwards there were no problems of any kind.