Debates are a good idea, if only they mattered. Obviously no one is going to say anything or fess up to anything that puts them in the wrong. It only matters if what people want to hear you say is better than what they want to hear the other guy say. Did that make any sense at all? Because I’m realizing it didn’t sound like it made much sense. Basically your bullshit has to sound better than their bullshit, there, that’s clear.

Even then though, if you won the debate it doesn’t seem to matter all that much in the end. General consensus seemed to be that Kerry did a better job discussing the issues than Bush did, even if no one was awake in the end to realize it. Then even after all that the vote wasn’t rocked, the young people didn’t get out to vote and Bush still won. So what’s the moral of this story? Move to Canada, better healthcare.