Taking the subway home from JFK was one of the worst subway experiences of my life, and I wouldn’t recommend it late at night. Though as much as I didn’t enjoy it I think my mom was freaking out more because she gets paranoid when I walk around after 10:00pm. But as of the writing of this rant of the cities with the highest crime rate New York City is now #225 out of about 240. Not too shabby eh?

Back to the subway experience. I have to admit it was really late at night so it could’ve been better, but what worried me initially is I didn’t know from which direction I’d be approaching my subway stop so when I was a seeing a lot of subway stops I didn’t recognize I thought I might be going in the wrong direction. Plus there were a bunch of shady looking Brooklyn stops before we finally got to mine. But I made it back in one piece, even if I did have to walk several blocks from the F train in the rain once I got back to my neighborhood.