Friends from my freshman year of college will get this one right away, though I’ve changed the product in question. It was early on in the year and one of my friends needed a power strip, so we went to the nearby Radio Shack (first mistake). We get inside and I guess we didn’t look focused enough because one of their annoying salesguys asks us what we need, so we said we were looking for a powerstrip. The guy kind of smiles and walks us over saying “Oh! Well this is what you need here!” Shows us this $50 power strip. My friend is like “Oh, that’s kind of expensive.” The salesguy doesn’t hesitate for a moment, points the label that says something like 5000 joules and then says “That’s a lot of joules yo.” At that point another of my friends sees some cheaper ones “Oh look! Two for $10!” And those are the ones he bought of course.

Radio Shack sucks so hard. How do these people live with themselves? That store is only really needed for the specialized things you can’t find anywhere else like ohm resistors and the salesguys there aren’t going to know what the hell you’re talking about if you ask for that. What kills me is when they ask if you need help, then just go over to the general area they know it’s in (and you probably did too) then search around just as aimlessly as you would’ve. This seriously is not helping or extra person worthy.