It’s pretty absurd when you go to a movie theater with 14 screens and they’re only playing four or five movies. Though at the same time, I guess it’s a good thing when you live in a big city like New York because otherwise you wouldn’t have the showtimes that are only half an hour apart from each other. When I lived in the suburbs though, I remember the first time I saw that a movie was playing on multiple screens within the same theater. Of course then that brings up the issue of “which one is the big screen?” There used to be a theater in Boston I’d go to and sometimes movies would be in the big screen and other would be on the crap screen.

I imagine this would create even more problems for people who work at movie theaters because then you get people like me asking which showtime is the biggest screen. This isn’t usually such an issue at the theaters I go to since I like to go early on in the movie’s release. So unless it’s a movie like Shaolin Soccer, the chances are good that the screen is going to be big.

One thing that irks me though is that at the Regal Entertainment theater (to this day I still refer to the theater as the UA theater) their digital projection screen is one of their smaller ones. To a certain degree this makes sense since it’s not often movies come out with digital projection, but on the other hand you’re getting a better screening format but not showing it off. That’s why I go to the AMC theater in Times Square for digital projection.