When I was little my family put my name on the subscription to TIME magazine that we got because I wanted mail with my name on it. So I’m very familiar with the crap articles they put out when there’s no major news event. I think the Jesus ones are the most amusing ones. Just think, someone out there gets paid to find new ways of showing Jesus on the cover of TIME magazine when they need to do one of these filler articles. One I remember is a split faced one where they had a model dressed like Jesus next to a sketching of what I can only assume was that same model.

Funny thing about the TIME magazine situation was that it meant years of me getting a phone call, but never being able to answer the questions about continuing my subscription or credit card information. I think that might be one source of my irrational fears of answering the phone or calling people I’ve never called before. Whenever I answer the phone at work I always can handle the situation, but I always have this fear that I won’t know what to do and end up hanging up on the other person out of panic. I think I did that a couple times when I was little. Okay, that was a tangent, now wasn’t it?