I don’t remember why I was thinking about this teacher again, but it wasn’t because I bumped into him. I had this horrible history teacher my Junior year of high school named Albert Cho. In all fairness he was kind of dumped with our class without much notification. One of my favorite history teachers was teaching a Greek and Roman history class, so I signed up. Then during an argument in class one day he mysteriously quit. It wasn’t even as if the argument in class was that big so it really surprised us. Then we were given another teacher who was going through eye surgery at the time so he was blind during most of the time. He was pretty good, but he also had to leave after a week or so.

Then comes this grad student from Tufts who looked like a student who had been held back. The fact that he had a backpack and chose during Spring vacation to dye the tips of his hair blond didn’t help his case. He came up with this b.s. assignment for us to split into groups and research a topic. Then during an entire week our group would teach the class about that subject. I forget how many weeks this went on for, but it was ridiculous.

Never mind that we had an “Olympics games” event which involved the class doing a track race, baton pass race and an egg on a spoon carrying race. That’s right, we had regressed to elementary school athletic activities.

Oh yeah, and he had also told us that our high school years were the best of our lives. Maybe he got stuffed into lockers during his time at Tufts.