So after waiting a very long time I finally get my new phone with all the phone numbers transferred. I got on the subway and twenty or so minutes later I was back home. I noticed that I had two or three voicemails which was very odd because I could count on one hand the number of people who call me with any kind of regularity. When I type in my password it doesn’t go through, so I figured that my password had been reset so I try the default password. I don’t recognize the person on the voicemail, but I figured it could’ve been a wrong number. The next one is also someone I don’t recognize. Then I check the number of the phone. Yup, someone else’s.

So to the popular person whose cell phone number I was briefly in possession of, I apologize if you got any important business calls during that period of two or so hours. I don’t know how long I spent waiting in line again, but I do know that by the time everything was sorted out it was well into the evening and I was really pissed. Only thing good that came out of the situation was that I managed to turn the experience into three comics.