I went to the Verizon store in Brooklyn and waited for I don’t know how long but it was very unpleasant. I don’t have control over my plan because I’m on a family plan that’s not under my name, but even if I did there’s no way I would’ve done the early renewal just to get a new phone. I hate how these bastards try to trick you into signing on to giving them more money instead of just giving you what you want. I wanted the guy to try to sell me an expensive phone just so I could say to give me the cheapest one they had.

My phone (as of the writing of this rant) has very few bells and whistles. In fact it’s so cheap that dust slowly gets into the outside and inside screen from one of the corners. Getting a phone with a color screen would be cool to play with, but it would just be another distraction. As long as I can make calls, check voicemail and send/receive text messages I’m fine. I don’t need to take crappy resolution photos or play games while I’m on the subway or get my restaurant tip calculated for me.