I love Macintosh computers, I’ve used them all my life. But as of the writing of this rant I’ve become more jaded about how great Apple’s products are. I’ve been burned by them too many times to have such blind faith that is characteristic of so many mac users. It’s gotten to the point that my next computer is going to be a PC (I’m going to add, not switch, or un-switch as the saying goes). When I see Mac software updates are available I don’t download them right away, instead I opt to wait a little while until I see if there are any major problems with it and if I deem it safe then I download it.

Problem with Apple is they’re letting out a lot of pretty but shoddy computers. This is evidenced by the white spot problems of their powerbooks, lemon Macintosh G5 computers people return multiple times, iMac G5s with burning power supplies, Mac Minis that arbitrarily don’t work with certain monitors and the list goes on.

Sounds weird to say that despite this I still like Macs, but it’s true.